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宝贝来吧 英文: Come on, baby.

come on,baby

come on baby!Into my arms!

来吧,宝贝跟我走的翻译是:Come on, baby walk with me

亲爱的先生们女士们,来吧!英文怎么翻译 亲爱的先生们女士们,来吧!,翻译是: Dear ladies and gentlemen, come on! come on的意思是 来吧

跟我来:Follow me.你准备好了吗:Are you ready?来吧宝贝:Come on baby!


Breaking all the rules now anyways. Since I‘m going to hell.

With hope in heart, hope is always there. No matter whether you are betrayed, insulted, misunderstood or isolated, you should never give up. With hope, life isn't that bad after all. Betrayal, insult, misunderstanding, or isola...

come on, baby, Let's fighting!

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