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你好! 它看起来也不会像新的It doesn't look like new

This watch is too old. It will not look new even if I polish it.

我的车看起来像新的一样 My car looks as good as new

中国人都喜欢说对方的什麼什麼好看, 而通常, 老外都会这麼说对方(因为新衣服,新髪型)看起来很好看 You look great with your new hair style. 或是就很简单的说, I like your new hair style.

This is the new (coming) colleague, she will take over my job. 这里新来的同事,可以用new colleague,或者new coming colleague 接手take over 另外是将会用will 请参看

Fuck, those international students fucking annoy (the shit out of) me

Of course,the new price won't change much. 如果你要用在正式文件, won't需要写作will not

哈哈哈托福听力吧。老托93篇里的。 还行吧可以用,当然了书面语还是尽量少用口语化的词啊~

New questions and requests (requirement 视上下文选择)may constantly be raised. 用被动语态,“人们”不翻译

您好,翻译为: Just like the Christmas in your place. The symbol of the new beginning in English, do not translate 希望帮助你

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