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是的 lose vt. 失去;错过;遗失;耽搁 vi. 损失;输掉;走慢;降低价值

greeable experience. Yes, th of himself al

丢的英语是lose 1、 读音 lose 英 [luːz] 美 [luz] 2、释义 vt. 浪费;使沉溺于;使迷路;遗失;错过 vi. 失败;受损失 n. (Lose)人名;(英)洛斯;(德)洛泽 3、短语 lose heart 丧失勇气 ; 泄气 ; 失去信心 ; 灰心 lose ground 股市下跌 ; ...

你打错了单词吧? 应该是loose package ,是散装、裸包装的意思

是loose Lose lips sink ships吧。下面是来自网上英文字典,翻译下中文对照你可以参考下 意思是不小心没戒心的把或许对敌人非常有用的信息泄露了给他,祸从口出。 Meaning Unguarded talk may give useful information to the enemy. 起源 这个...

lose control of one's emotions.不能控制自己的情感.He does not lose control of his temper easily.他不轻易失去自我控制. out of control 不受控制Jim got out of control.吉姆变得不听话了.Unruly and out of control.举止粗鲁的,失去控制...

this is a very good question. I shall attempt to explain the differences between these 3 words loss is a noun. It is to describe the event of losing something, or deprive of something, or a failure. Example: I am at a loss of w...



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