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You need to cut the potatoes into shreds first, then heat the oil in the pan before cooking. After that, stir fry the potato shreds, and be sure to pour some salt. At last, serve the cooked potato shreds in the pan. 有疑问的地...

炒土豆丝 stir-fried potato chips更多释义>> [网络短语] 炒土豆丝 stir-fried shredded potato;Fried shredded potatoes;Fried potatoes wire 炝炒土豆丝 Szechuan Style Shredded Potato 芹菜炒土豆丝 Fried celery and potatoes;celery fried...

青椒土豆丝做法材料 主料:土豆2个、青椒2个、大蒜2个 调料:盐﹑味精、醋、家乐鸡粉、色拉油各少许 做法 1、土豆去皮切丝,放入清水里洗去淀粉捞出漏水,青椒切丝备用。 2、油锅烧热,放入蒜片爆香。 3、倒入土豆丝,加少量醋翻炒5成熟,加入青...

炒土豆丝 Fried potato silk 炒 fry

sour hot potato stick

This afternoon I ride my bike back do potato latkes, peel the potatoes first, cut into large pieces, then evaporate six minutes in the microwave oven, steam and mash with a spoon, pressed into mud, add enough water to mix. Add ...

stir-fried shredded potato

醋溜土豆丝 [网络] Vinegar potato wire;

Stir fry pepper and onion in hot oil pan, stir fry potato shreds and stir well, add seasoning and stir fry evenly

homemade julienne potatoes Pork with dried tofu and fungus

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