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给他三个土豆 Three potatoes for him Give him three potatoes

“土豆”的英语是 potato 词义: n. potato ; white potato ; murphy 短语: 小土豆 small potato ; sweet potato 一号土豆 one potato 土豆片 potato chips 例句: 1、他用土豆来养肥火鸡。 He fattens turkeys on potatoes. 2、土豆在平底锅里嫩...

potato;peanut(台语词,等于普通话中的...) [例句]炸薯条就是由土豆做成的。French fries are made from potatoes

Most of us like potatoes because they are delicious. Scientists tell us that they are good for our health. Potatoes are the best-known vegetables in the world. The potato is one of the main food in Europe. About a half of the w...

五袋土豆 Five bags of potatoes 重点词汇 土豆potato; peanut potato 英[pəˈteɪtəʊ] 美[pəˈteɪtoʊ] n. 马铃薯, 土豆,洋芋; 土豆块茎; [例句]Put both vegetables into a bowl and crush with a...

How many potatoes do you want?Not too much,just a few.


My brother likes having paotoes the same as me.

buy some potatos 如果你想说 我要去买些土豆就是 i will buy some potatos 如果你要别人买就说 could you please buy some potatos?

You need to cut the potatoes into shreds first, then heat the oil in the pan before cooking. After that, stir fry the potato shreds, and be sure to pour some salt. At last, serve the cooked potato shreds in the pan. 有疑问的地...

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