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给他三个土豆 Three potatoes for him Give him three potatoes

你好 土豆 翻译成英语是: potato 读音的汉语谐音是“葡忒头”


potato;peanut(台语词,等于普通话中的...) [例句]炸薯条就是由土豆做成的。French fries are made from potatoes

Potato is a starchy, tuberous crop. It's very adaptable, from fertile lowlands to the high mountains where little else will grow. It has become one of the most popular vegetable. Delicious, nutritious and inexpensive makes it a...

马铃薯 [释义] potato; murphy; spud; [医] Solanum tuberosum; Irish potato; [例句]我能吃你的马铃薯泥吗? Can I have your mashed potatoes?

这只青蛙名叫土豆头先生? 2、Can the potato really do all of that? 马铃薯真的能够全部都做到吗? 3、Add potato pieces and sprinkle them w

Most of us like potatoes because they are delicious. Scientists tell us that they are good for our health. Potatoes are the best-known vegetables in the world. The potato is one of the main food in Europe. About a half of the w...

额,是My life is only a "potato", I love "potato".吗????

How many potatoes do you want?Not too much,just a few.

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