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middle school student

您好, "我是一名中学生"的英语翻译以下皆可使用: I am a junior high student. I am a junior high school student. I am a middle school student.

a middle school student aged 16 a 16 years old middle school student

中学生是个词组吧,middle school student. junior middle school student初中生 senior middle school student高中生

我是一名中学生 I'm a middle school student I have a problem need your help, at school, I always very popular, but I found on my best friend birthday party actually didn't invite me, all except me was invited I don't know why, I...

middle school student; 例句 吉姆现在是一个中学生。 Jim is a middle school student. 现在是要我化装成一个中学生? Me going undercover as a high school student? 我是一个中学生。 I'm a middle school student. 你是一名中学生。 You a...

My friend is called Bill.He is a high school student.

1、热爱祖国,热爱人民,热爱劳动,热爱科学,热爱社会主义,热爱中国共产党。 1, love the motherland, love the people, love labor, love science, love of socialism, love of the Chinese Communist Party. 2、遵守国家的法律,增强法律意...

I'm Gonna Getcha Good!--Shania Twain Never Had A Dream Come True--S Club 7 最近开始听这首歌的,太好听了 Any Man Of Mine--Shania Twain 还有这个 My name is --Emimem阿姆的经典之作 Happy Boys & Girls---Aqua 他\\她们的歌很活泼 Barbie...

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