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1.(好好地思考以)理解。。。 。。。 i can't figure out why she said so. 2.计算出;合计起来 could you please help me figure these out?

您好,希望以下回答能帮助您 figure it out 英[ˈfiɡə it aut] 美[ˈfɪɡjɚ ɪt aʊt] 弄明白;搞定它 如您还有疑问可继续追问。

figure out 是动词+副词结构,如果宾语是代词,只能放中间,如figure it out. 如果是名词做宾语,可以放中间,也可以放后面。 如figure the problem out=figure out the problem.

Maroon 5 Sad Maroon 5 --【Sad】魔力红乐团 --【悲伤】 Man, it's been a long day 这是漫长的一天 Stuck thinking 'bout it driving on the freeway 陷入深思的行驶于高速公路 Wondering if I really tried everything I could 我怀疑我是否真...

歌名:Figure It Out 歌手:Royal Blood 歌词如下: I'm happy you came to me firstbefore the bubble burst i'm happy you answered my calls i'm bouncing off the wallsimpossible to be tamedher need- celophane i'm happy you like to pl...

《Figure It Out》 by Daniel Kadawatha 要这首歌的MP3的百度云链接 链接: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1sl2eujb 密码: 475y 满意请采纳

你好! 这首歌曲是 Amy Diamond - Heartbeats 试听: http://www.songtaste.com/song/1614378/

歌曲名:I Ll Figure It Out 歌手:Lisa Marie Presley 专辑:Now What Boat rocking Trouble maker Non conforming shit starter With the rebel DNA pirate spirit Headache It took me all my life To finally figure out That I'm not in the m...

《heartbeats》 ——amy diamond 歌曲演绎的很缠绵,但歌词很简单,描绘了一个小女生的感情,大意是这样的: I can't figure out 我不明白 Is it meant to be this way 这就是命中注定吗 Easy words so hard to say 如此简单的话语却难以表达 “I c...

您的问题很简单。呵呵。百度知道很高兴帮助您解决您提出的问题。 原句:i wont stop until u figure it out 翻译: 我不会停止,直到你搞定它 百度知道永远给您最专业的英语翻译。

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