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im writing to you

I'm writing to you to thank you for your valuable advice

Details of her very early life are greatly wanting. We should like to know how the childish intellect began to develop;

Dear editor, Im writing to you to tell you about the discussion we recently had about whether the Internet is helpful or harmful. Much as the Internet has influenced our life, people’s opinions about the Internet still vary fro...

for help是求助的意思,help本身就有名词的意思,不需要加ing

1、第一句的giving应该改成given,因为help是give的宾语,所以动词应该变成被动形式 2.the car cut in suddenly. that made her fall off her bike and hurt her leg serious 这里不能用that,应该用which,因为这里是一个非限制性定语从句,whi...

你这样写会更好:dear editor: I am here writing to you, trying to tell you something related to the discussion.

i am writing to your from beijing 我写信给你来自北京 双语对照 例句: 1. My countrymen from germany, I am writing to you because of two things. 来自德国的我的国民,因为两件事情,我正给你写信。

是这篇吗?找到的是作文,不是改错,但是开头一样。这是正确的全文,你核对一下。Dear Editor,I’m writing to tell you how we students use computers...

我正在给……写信。 .

用course application好一点,而且我觉得the questions可以删掉,inquire本来就有这个意思了。可以改成 I'm writing to inquire about course application。

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