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John Cena『Right now』 Undertaker

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Put Your Arms Around Me Natasha Bedingfield That original feeling never went away Thats why I'm standing here today Whoa oh, whoa oh So many ups and downs and nothings changed Thats why I know im here to stay Whoa oh, whoa oh S...

《Tell Me》Sandy 歌词: There're so many things I wanna say There're so many thoughts inside of me But my words can seem to find a way I can see you changing more and more Acting like you didn't do before I see you slipping awa...

《一个不能少》 《暖春》 《暖情 》《 阳光天井 》 《 妈妈再爱我一次 》 就想起这么多

am 不能放在另一个动词原形前,所以这属于蹩脚英语 (broken English),只能说 Come tell me how I can open the door, Ok? (请过来告诉我怎么样才能把门打开呢)

Where Did You Get The Money. If You Don it want to tell me .that is ok. 你在哪里得到这些钱的?如果你不想告诉我,那也可以、

用of course即可. 这里是祈使句,而不是否定疑问句.如果是won't you forget to tell me? 则回答of course not 就表示当然不会忘记, 请区别开来.


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