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thE ABility oF Doing

基本上是用介词to的:have the ability to do sth. 也可以用be able to do sth.

没有这种说法,相应的地道说法是 be able to do sth或是 be capable of doing sth

have the ability of doing 有这样的表达如:He had the ability of independently thinking and solving problem.

There are there months in spring :March ,April and May ,


the ability of doing something the ability to do sth 都可以 Part-time, to develop communication, such as the ability of doing things. 兼职时,可以培养交际、处事等方面的能力 A writer's best tool is the ability to draw out a subj...

没有任何问题 have the ability of doing something 具有做某件事情的能力


有能力做某事,接不定式 He has the ability to speak English fluently. 他能流利地说英语 按英语习惯,ability不接of doing sth,可接in doing sth She has great ability in teaching English

ability to do something 有 ... 的能力 例句: The ability to feel or perceive. 敏感性感觉或感知的能力 She has the ability to keep calm in an emergency. 她有处变不惊的本事。 The main determinant of economic success is our ability ...

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