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thE ABility to oF

of 。比如,the ability of reading 。the ability to do sth

都是对的 前半句是有做某事的能力; 后半句是做某事的能力。 前半句可视为强调人,后半句强调能力。

the ability of doing something the ability to do sth 都可以 Part-time, to develop communication, such as the ability of doing things. 兼职时,可以培养交际、处事等方面的能力 A writer's best tool is the ability to draw out a subj...

首先ability是一个名词。其次它可以分为可数和不可数名词。表示“能力”、“能够”,多为不可数名词。表示“才能”、“才干”,多用复数形式。the ability to do sth 表示有能力做某事或具有做某事的能力等。举个用复数的例子:He is a man of many abil...

基本上是用介词to的:have the ability to do sth. 也可以用be able to do sth.

ability, capability和capacity三个名词都有“能力”的意思,区别如下: 1.ability的含义较广,主要指人具有从事体力或脑力劳动的能力,并且暗含能够干好的意味。其复数形式表示“才能,专门技能”,其后常接to do sth.或in / for sth.。 如:She ha...

你好! the measure of intelligence is the ability to change 智力是能力变化的测量

to 表达是 主谓关系 of 则表示从属关系

have the ability of 有能力的 例:Most bearing flat-steel can be made into serrated steel grating. This make the grating have the ability of non-slip. If the user needs serrated grating, please specify as ordering. 绝大多数受荷...

意思是 尽某人最大的努力 例句 I tried to do my work to the best of my ability. 我竭尽全力地做好工作. She do the work to the best of her ability. 她已尽了力去做那件工作了. 对于one of 加 最高级 通常one of the + n.的结构前都是用最...

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