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be going to do sth 表示将来要去做某事,表示计划好的在将来的某一时间去做某事

people mean that people can have two days' rest... I often spend weekends with my family. ...Sometimes we go swimming or go dancing and ...

LZ第二个题目的拼写... 1.怎么花我的压岁钱 How to spend my lucky money I look forward Spring Festival every year.The most important reason is that I can get a small fortune ,It is given by my family and has a traditional name whi...


接下来我们在火车上度过了我人生中最刺激的3天 希望我的回答对您有所帮助

答案B 本题应跳出思维定势的干扰,不是考查spend some time doing的用法。此句的语义环境为为了不被打扰,我把自己关在书房里呆了三天。lock in my study 作伴随状语。故选B。

mr zhao i'll always remember the fifty three days we spent together 赵先生,我会永远记得我们一起度过的五十三天

B 试题分析:句意:如果我有空的话,我想要去敦煌度假三天。数词与名词之间用连字符连接,用于修饰名词做定语。Holiday是单数,因此前面要用a。而A应该用名词所有格形式。故选B。

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